Welcome to the IBA Essex's website, we are boxing promoters in the Essex region. The IBA is the Independent Boxing Association and we will be highlighting the fighters and boxing promotions the IBA sanctions in the Essex region. The IBA's founder and president Alan Mortlock started training and promoting kickboxing in 1986 and by 1993 was promoting more and more boxing

The early shows had some great fighters including Paul Cavaner, Chrisy Morris and Danny Sullivan, it captured the public imagination and in 2001 a Television show called natural born fighters screened, the IBA grew in populataraty and was the start of the IBA as we know it. The IBA sanctions many boxing shows every year not just in Essex but down to Kent across and around London, over to Wales and even in northern Ireland and the Independent Boxing Association produces the best boxing bouts in the UK.

Our shows are fast paced and action packed, we use the best venues up and down the country

If you want see our gladiators fight click on Events or If you are a Boxer or a Boxing Gym with fighters who would like to showcase your boxing skills on the UK's no1 boxing promotion then you can easily do this by clicking on the Fighters Application and become a star of the show. It does not matter if you are a total novice or at the top of your game IBA caters and promotes for all levels of fighters. A member of IBA Essex Promoter staff will then be in contact with you in the near future to discuss your fight application, it really is that easy.